Time to return to my wee corner of the world

I’m now at Terminal 3 at Changi Airport – I thought I should head to the airport early to give myself ample time to walk around and see the new terminal. It’s huge! It has an ‘open plan’ setting and feels like the airport terminals in Europe. I like it because it’s airy and doesn’t make you feel boxed in and claustrophobic. The shops are well spread and well laid out as well, so it is quite pleasant to spend some time at the airport. I heard from Bev that a mutual friend of ours, Abraham, actually designed the T3 logo! Nice one!

It’s also a great thing to have your own laptop and to have the free internet access that’s provided by SingTel beforehand. Well, there are some free internet terminals, but you are limited by time and by the amount of people who want to take over your spot once you’re finished. If you have your own laptop, there are some powerpoints near to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves counter. So you can plug your computer and surf away! However, as mentioned, if you didn’t know about the free surfing access that’s provided by SingTel, you’d probably end up paying for the access provided by StarHub.

Well, I’m going to spend some time walking around the airport now and get some food – I’m getting hungry. The last thing that I ate was McDonald’s McSpicy Meal at Takashimaya Foodcourt at midday. Yeah, I know – bad choice of food but I was quite hungry at the time and I was too lazy to go elsewhere! 😛 After my last blog entry, I went to the CPF office at Robinson Road. The process was really fast and smooth – I gave them my bank details and my contact details in Australia – he said that the transfer would take about four to five weeks. He also mentioned that I would not be permitted to work back in Singapore. If I come back to work in Singapore, even as an Employment Pass holder, I would need to repay the full CPF amount that I withdrew plus the interest. Whoa. 😮 I will need to find a company who can pay the amount for me or just save enough money to cover the amount!

I also bought five bottles of Cyteal as I find them really good for my sensitive skin for a good antibacterial, antifungal wash. It’s just too bad that they market it as vaginal douche! 😮 Haha. My old dermatologist in Singapore recommended it to me and I really liked it because it seemed to reduce the itchiness. I also bought a jacket from Giordano Concept to add to my office jacket collection – the two Springfield jackets that I have are getting pretty old. I don’t think I can find a good office jacket for $90 in Australia! (It will be less in AUD thanks to the strong Aussie dollar!). It was $150, but the store had a 40% discount when I was there. Hurrah. I wanted to get another Springfield jacket, but their stuff aren’t as good this year. Besides Cyteal and the jacket, one more CD, one more DVD, and a jar of peanut cookies. Yumm.

Okay, I’m seriously hungry now so I’m heading offline to get something to eat! I will update the blog once I return to good old Adelaide!!!!  🙂

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