Singapura, oh Singapura

It’s my last day here in Singapore – I haven’t written a blog entry for a while because I’ve been busy going out and about here. I’ve also done some shopping, like a new working bag (my old one carked out last month after two years of service), a sweater from Springfield, some el cheapo cushion covers from Chinatown, some books and this and that.

I’ve been staying at Bev and Jason’s house at Lorong 24A in Geylang – yeah, not a flashy area (for those who don’t know Singapore that well, Geylang is well-known here in Singapore for being the prostitution centre of the island. Bev and Jason live in a quaint Chinese shophouse that’s pretty close by to the local ‘restaurants’ and Aljunied MRT station. According to Bev, the shophouse is getting dilapidated by the day – so they are pretty keen to move on! I’ve been spending my time getting acquainted to their three cats – Bo, Han, and Fu. My favourite is the ginger don juan, Han – Bo and Fu don’t trust me enough to play with me, they still behave pretty much like street cats.

I also caught up with Rob, Patsy and Mel last night for some G&T and some food down the road – it’s great to catch up with them. I really wouldn’t mind being back here in Singapore as it would help me to rejuvenate and recharge my ‘hunting instinct’, however, I don’t know whether I can handle the 24-hour pressure and buzz in the city. The MRTs are truly jam-packed these days and the roads are always busy! There are heaps more development in the city – new buildings, new malls! Aaaaaaaargh! Well, who knows, maybe I will return to work here in the future!

I’m writing this blog entry in Starbuck’s at Raffles City – it’s fantastic to have free wireless computing access here in Singapore. I don’t even have to visit internet cafés anymore! Thank goodness I have my MacBook with me so I can access the internet wherever I am in Singapore free of charge.

I finally got my Singaporean Permanent Resident status cancelled after I surrendered my IC card, my green card, and wrote a letter to express my decision – well, the decision is pretty much made for me, I guess since I would love to hold on to my PR status, if I could. I wrote in my earlier post, that it was a chapter closed – well this time, the whole book is definitely completed. I will withdraw my CPF fund (Singaporean superannuation equivalent) later on today so I have more fund to pay off my debts and start rebuilding my nest-eggs.

Well, enough for my Blog entry – I may post another item later on today. I still need to do some factfinding for my CPF withdrawal …

PS    :    I feel really sad about the death of Heath Ledger … rest in peace, mate, you fool. 🙁 

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  1. Arry, have a good trip back to Adelaide. Everybody is telling me that Singapore is so much busier now which is hard to imagine knowing how full it already was a couple of years ago. Hope you have gotten your CPF funds back – suprising there is any money left after the gambling of the Sing government with Citibank and UBS stocks !

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