Mall-hopping Day

It’s my third day here in Indonesia and I’m getting accustomed to the city’s hustle and bustle once more. I’ll be heading off to Bandung to see my parents and the rest of the siblings in an hour. It’ll be nice to see them again after a year.

The last two days had been really hectic – especially yesterday. My second sister, Lina, has just recently opened her homeschooling classroom for her children, so she has been busy preparing everything. Yesterday was meant to be the first day at school, but because the classroom wasn’t ready, they had to postpone the proper lesson to today. So, yesterday I spent about 30 minutes sharing with three of my nephews, and one boy who joins the homeschooling, about Australia, the states, the animal, and the fact that Tasmanian devils are real, and no, they don’t eat people. 🙂 I went along to the blessing of the classroom and then had lunch together with my sister, two of her friends, and the evangelist who led the prayer and the blessing of the building.

I then headed off to Hypermart to buy some movies to watch back in Adelaide, and to share with my workmates. After that, I caught a cab to meet with my friends Lucia and Evelyn at Pacific Place, around BEJ. It’s always good to meet my ‘aunties’ … haha. We chatted about the good ol’ Citibank days, and “shared” information about who’s working where, and who’s getting married with whom, that sort of stuff. 🙂 After two hours of talking and coffee, I then took a cab to Plaza Senayan to meet with my ex-Adelaidean friends. I met with Celia, Caven, and some of Celia’s highschool friends, and had some chitchat. However, Caven was keen to talk to me because of some kind of crisis that he has been facing – so I ended up talking to him more. Because I thought it would be good for him to chat with the church pastor in Adelaide, who happened to be holidaying in Jakarta as well, we then took a cab to Plaza Semanggi. We ended up chatting until about 10pm – so it was quite a full-on day.

From one mall to the next … phew!

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  1. hey,
    Retention strategy has been given to Marnie Baker in Retail.

    I have sent her an email telling her the stuff you and i have been up to.

    Sounds like u are having fun!!

    Take care

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