Up, up, in the sky

I’m currently flying above Western Australia on my way to Singapore for a quick transit before continuing my journey onwards to Jakarta. The flight has been pretty smooth so far – I thought I had booked a window seat but I was allocated a middle seat which was quite a bummer, really. Thankfully the aisle seat was unoccupied so I moved to the aisle seat to give me extra seat and more privacy.

I have been looking forward to this trip for a while, so that I can refocus, rejuvenate, and relax a bit. The changes and the tension at work have diminished some of my passion to work. My boss noticed it as well and even though I think that some of the tension is caused by the differences in our personalities, she said that I had lost some of the passion that I had when I first moved to Marketing nine months ago. So this is one of my quest for this trip, to reclaim my mojo … haha.

Pink Martini

The holiday started really well – last night I went to see Pink Martini‘s concert at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Grote Street, Adelaide. I have liked their music for a while now, ever since I listed to their song called Symphatique on one of my Putumayo CDs. The concert was fantastic – the pianist, by the name of Thomas M. Lauderdale, was really entertaining in a cheeky as he introduced some of their songs. The singer, China Forbes, as well as the rest of the band members were also excellent! By the end of the concert, everybody in the theatre stood up and danced along to their song, Brazil. I had a blast!!

I spent some time last night packing my bags and tidying up my place a bit. At the end, I managed to fill my two suitcases with souvenirs with just a meagre selection of my own clothing. I thought that the goodies that I bought were all small and would fit easily in my luggage. Boy was I wrong! I got up at 8am this morning and then finished my packing, watered the plants and trees, and then locked up my house.

I was quite concerned that the Singapore Airlines’ staff would ask me to pay extra money for the excess kgs, because I was sure that I had exceeded the limit. At the end, she just said, “Ah well, it’s okay.” 🙂 It must’ve been my charm! Hahaha.

Well, I’m going to close this blog entry and continue it in Jakarta! Oorroo!

PS: If you’re wondering how I had posted my blog entry – well I actually typed the entry using my MacBook and then uploaded it in Jakarta at my second sister’s house. Hehehe.

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