A balmy night’s journal

Another heatwave has descended upon Adelaide – the temperature didn’t quite reach the extremes that were reached around New Year’s Eve but it’s been a hot day nevertheless. It reached 38.6C at nine minutes to five in the afternoon and it’s still around 31C at the moment. In fact, the temperature is expected to only dip to 24C at the lowest point. That’s warm!

So I’m back to being hunkered down in the living room with the airconditioner on – I have spent some time watering down my sad and heat-weary plants. I hope they will survive summer and grow stronger, just like the Amur Maple that I have in the front yard. I thought that it would not survive last summer, but it continued to grow and fight through the elements. I was going to have the mixed drink that I prefer when I need to relax and when the night is warm: korenwijn (a type of Dutch gin), elderflower syrup and tonic / sparkling water. I haven’t really had a heavy lunch nor dinner, so I don’t want to risk drinking alcohol – so tonight it’s just Santa Vittoria and Elderflower syrup. Nice and relaxing – I’ve lit the candle in the living room so there’s a nice fragrance wafting through the air – to the smoky voice of Monica Zetterlund.

Elderflower syrup

Life’s good. 🙂

On a separate note, I went to the Central Market after work to do my grocery shopping and guess what I found? Hot-cross buns! I jokingly told my colleagues at work that I wouldn’t be surprised to find hot-cross buns now that Christmas is over – and there they were at Coles. Sheesh – the baby’s not even teething yet and the supermarkets want to crucify Him already!

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