Christmas all over again!

It is still with the twelve days of Christmas I suppose — the reason why I said that it was Christmas all over again is because I received the Christmas goodies that my friend Hugo sent from Norway. Some jazz CDs (Monica Zetterlund ‘Diamanter’, Monica Zetterlund and Bill Evans ‘Waltz for Debby’, Radka Toneff ‘Some Time Ago: A collection of her finest moments’), and the biggest surprise of all, the latest Secret Garden CD!). I also received a couple of calendars (Norway holds a dear place in my heart – I am strangely attracted to fjords and rugged coastlines. They match my personality – sandy white beach doesn’t do it to me in the long run. I like ‘moody’ landscapes). 🙂 But I digress … 🙂

Hugo also sent me four bars of Norwegian chocolate – can’t say no to Troika and Gullbrød! I love marzipan and both brands have marzipan in them – bare deilig!

So at the moment I’m chilling out while listening to some Secret Garden music – soothing and melancholic – I also had a bar of Troika earlier just to celebrate. Yumm. By the way, if you don’t know the names who I mentioned earlier, here are some information on Monica Zetterlund, Radka Toneff, and Secret Garden. I saw Secret Garden when they came to Adelaide in 2004 and they are one of my favourite groups. Secret Garden became famous all over the world when their song ‘You Raise Me Up’ was sung by Josh Groban, Westlife, and other artists. Secret Garden mixes Celtic and Nordic music – two genres that I adore very much. Here’s a clip that I found off YouTube, a song from their first album called ‘Nocturne’.



Monica Zetterlund was a discovery that I made when I went to Sweden in 2006 – her life ended tragically in a fire, but her music was timeless. Her smoky voice was perfect for jazzy songs with that leisure late night feel to them …


Radka Toneff’s life also ended tragically when she committed suicide in 1982. I discovered Radka when I listened to her version of ‘The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress’ – one of my favourite songs. Her voice had a lot of undertones to it – a lot of emotions … too bad her life ended too soon …

Mange takk, Hugo!!!!

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