The Cakemaker (Der Kuchenmacher)


At the end of a very satisfying Adelaide Film Festival, I watched The Cakemaker (Der Kuchenmacher) – a German-Israeli co-production, directed by Ofir Raul Graizer. The Cakemaker tells a story of Thomas (Tim Kalkhof), a quiet baker and owner of a cafe in Berlin called Kredenz Cafe. After an Israeli engineer came and visit his store for a cake and some cookies, they ended up having a relationship. Oren (Roy Miller) is married to Anat (Sarah Adler) and is a father to Itai (Tamir Ben Yehuda). After Oren is killed in an accident, Thomas decides to travel to Jerusalem and meet his ex-wife and son, with some deep consequences.

This love triangle can easily turn into a thriller, as your mind already conjures up possible things that could happen with Thomas being in the same city as his dead lover’s wife and son. However, The Cakemaker is ultimately about lost souls, wanting to connect and belong – through the lives of Thomas and Anat. Oren is just the catalyst and the connection of the two characters. Interwoven in these tangled relationships is the adjustments that Thomas has to make by being in Israel – adhering to the local customs and regulations, and surviving the sense of alienation and loneliness.

The Cakemaker provides food for thought about love, marriage, and relationships – it poses a question that perhaps the question is not so much about preferences and sexuality, but about connections and finding somebody who completes you.

PS: You may be hankering for a thick slice of cake or some cookies, after you’ve finished watching the movie!





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