Stand by Me

I went to EzyDVD today to check out the DVD sale and found out that they have ‘Stand by Me’ for $9.95 – so I bought it as well as ‘A Fish Called Wanda’. I have watched ‘Stand by Me’ for a bazillion times but still I’m not sick of the movie at all.

Geordie, Chris, Vern, and Teddy - Stand by Me

The movie chronicled the journey that ‘Gordie’ (Wil Wheaton), ‘Chris’ (River Phoenix), ‘Vern’ (Jerry O’Connell), and ‘Teddy’ (Corey Feldman) made in 1950s to find a dead body. The movie was made in 1986 and directed by Rob Reiner, based on a novella written by Stephen King. I watched it first in the late 80’s when we rented the VHS from the local rental shop in Bandung. I related a lot to the characters in the movie because I was at a similar age to the boys – I was like Gordie, sensitive, sensible, the one with the brain as opposed to Chris, who’s a real boy’s boy. In the movie, Gordie turns up to be a writer at the end – maybe that could’ve been my career if I hadn’t taken Computer Science at uni *grin*. ‘Stand by Me’ is funny, touching and tells the story of friendship really well – it touches the issue of parents who don’t openly show their feelings towards their kids, as well as the camaraderie that one has during childhood. Definitely one of my favourite movies – it does have coarse language and violence but oh, it’s so well made (if you have seen this movie before you’d understand when I mention the pie-eating contest and the scene with the leeches). 🙂 It was also the first time that I saw River Phoenix who I idolised when I was a kid. His character in the movie, ‘Chris’ – is the kinda boy that I never was. River Phoenix was a great actor, too bad he messed with drugs and died young in 1993. Rest in Peace, man.

So this is how I spend my Friday evening – reminiscing over my umpteenth viewing of ‘Stand by Me’ – through my new DVD this time so I can retire the dodgy VCD that I bought in Indonesia many years ago. It’s the kind of movie that make you wish you were a kid with healthy imagination, lofty ideas, and simple concepts … (like what kind of animal is ‘Goofy’?) 🙂

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