This is what we call the Muuuppett Shoooow!

It’s Thursday evening and I’m watching my Muppet Show Season 1 DVD 1 – the characters brought me back to my childhood, watching the Muppet Show in TVRI. The Muppet Show is definitely one of my favourite shows ever – that’s where I met Animal, Sweetums, Kermit, Dr Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant Beaker, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Rolf, the Swedish Chef, Fozzie Bear, and of course Statler and Waldorf! 😀 It is rather frightening watching the old episodes and seeing the celebrities looking very young compared to how they look now. The episode that I watched today has Rita Moreno in it – she looked much younger to how she looked in the controversial TV series ‘Oz’. Here’s a snippet of Rita trying to sing ‘Fever’ accompanied by the Electric Mayhem Band, with Animal messing the song altogether:



Animal is my favourite character in the Muppet Show – his antics just crack me up every time! 😆 I love Muppet Show because their humour is very grown up and intelligent at times – they like to play with words and concept. Jim Henson must’ve had a really wicked sense of humour! Ahhh, they don’t make show as good as this these days! (Argh, I sound like an old guy then!)

I returned to work today after spending Monday off, Christmas and Boxing Day relaxing – it was a quiet day at the office, almost boring. Hehe. I spent the time writing my ideal structure for the research team going forward. I suppose I can use the period to tidy up things and plan ahead … there are still heaps of food too at the office so I don’t think I will lose the extra fat as quickly as I want to!

I also checked the sale in Rundle Mall this morning before I went to work. Different to the eastern seabord and Western Australia, the shops in Adelaide were closed on Boxing Day and only started their major sale period today. Apparently there were shoppers who queued before the shops were opened at 6.01am because they were eager to pick the best deals. However, in recent times, the discounts seem to be smaller compared to those given when I was a student in the 90’s. At that time, people queued and camped in front of the shopping centres, because there were 70% – 80% off on some goods and you could really get a good deal if you were early. Thesedays, the discounts are only around 30% – 40% off and you can get that throughout the year anyway. I think the stores also put their old stocks out as well – I wanted to buy a couple of ties but the ones on sale looked like they belonged in the 70’s! Hehe. So I ended up not buying anything at all. Besides, I do need to be extra careful with my expenditure since I will be heading to Indonesia in a fortnight.

Observing the shoppers, it is quite funny as well looking at well-educated, logical grown-ups reduced to being eager impulsive creatures when fronted by the so-called ‘sale’. In Myer, I saw a stack of perfumes and colognes that the shoppers seemed to ignore, and yet, when a similar stack of brands were just strewn across a jumble-sale table, people seemed to be attracted to the messy pile because they thought that they could get a bigger bargain from it. I’m sure that the same group of people will also complain to the government when the government are forced to increase the interest rate due to the increasing inflation rate in the country. Duh – you shouldn’t’ve spent so much money on ‘stuff’ in the first place!

I thought about buying some ties, as I mentioned earlier – which I still need to, but perhaps in Singapore – and I planned on buying some 1GB USB drives, as well as some $2 bowls from Harris Scarfe’s. However, when I went there, I thought to myself, do I really need this? Or is the need created because I think I will get a bargain to fulfil a need that may arise in the future? Funny how our logic works, eh? My sanity prevailed at the end – So at the end of the day, I went home empty handed. Hurrah!

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