London: 8 Days Later

London is an amazing city – for professional or amateur photographer like me, there is always something eyecatching everywhere you look. From the ornate buildings, the cobbled streets to the grungy corners, London offers something to be photographed from the right angle. The first week here has been very rewarding with me settling down and getting rid of my jetlag after the 20+ hours of flight from Adelaide. I have found a temporary home church as well while I’m here in Adelaide – last week I attended the 11.30am service at HTB Brompton – the church that Nicky and Pippa Gumbel minister at. Nicky Gumbel is the reverend who created the Alpha Course that is widely used all over the world for new Christians.  When I went to the service, the people around me were very friendly – I thought that Londoners would be quite cold and formal but the lady who sat next to me introduced me to people around and we ended up chatting about my background and her family before the service started. So, I think I’m all set for the next three months!

As I am here for work, I have also managed to resume my work. It does take a while before I set a new routine – especially since I have to be used to being on my own. After a week, however, I have started to establish my working hours and my routine. I have also had a number of business meetings around London, which gave me opportunities to places in London where tourists would venture to – like the area around Park Royal or Hammersmith.

After a week here however, homesickness has started to set in. I miss Yani and Indy, the sun, the brands that I know in the supermarket, and being in Adelaide. London had been pretty cold in the first couple of days after I arrived. I even had my chances of walking with some wisps of snow falling on my jacket. I am also now quite used to taking the tube and being squashed against other passengers – I miss driving Burt around the streets in Adelaide for sure – haha.

However, this is not a whinging post. The weather has been quite ‘mild’ in the last couple of days with the maximum temperature reached 10+ celsius. We’ve even had some sunny days! So today, after spending the morning and afternoon working in the apartment, I decided to put on my sneakers and ventured outside. I ventured to Monmouth Street for a cup of coffee at Monmouth Coffee – as usual there’s a bit of a queue before I could order my latte. The coffee there is really good – I know the place thanks to a recommendation from my ex-supervisor Magda. With my latte in hand, I decided to amble around – away from Leicester Square and the theatres.
In the process, I spotted more  photogenic buildings, Bush House (the former house of the BBC World Service), the London Coliseum, and more streets and alleyways. With the last of the sunshine for the day, walking through the streets makes me fall in love with London again.

London has her ways to make you love her, again and again.


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