Alone on Christmas Eve, 2007

It’s just one minute past nine o’clock on Christmas eve – I’m all alone and enjoying a little bit of Christmas cheer. I’m playing the Emerald Christmas CD that I made for the 2002 Christmas dinner at Sean Worrall’s old apartment at Emerald Garden in Singapore.

Of course it sucks to be alone on Christmas eve and Christmas day – it surely is a day to celebrate with your family and loved ones, but what can I do if all of my families live far away from me and my close friends all have their own family Christmas gatherings to attend to. Although I am feeling a little bit melancholy, I am not sad or anything – I’m not wallowing in my loneliness yet. Haha. Just a little dull feeling of sadness – a feeling that I know all too well! 🙂

Again, I thank God for seeing past through my being alone – in a way I believe it’s a way to force me to stop and rest and focus on my ‘restoration’. On Sunday when I went to Edge Church, the sermon focused on the three wisemen when they went to see Jesus. They were there to worship – only to worship. They didn’t ask for blessings, they didn’t ask for a change of circumstances, they didn’t ask for anything – for what can a baby do? A baby can’t lay hand, a baby can’t pray for the wisemen. To me, the message is an eye opener … so here I am, alone, but seeing past my being alone, just to spend Christmas to worship.

The candle’s lit in the living room so it’s smelling very nice – next to the cards that I received this Christmas. The house is in a reasonable state in the living room, although I still need to tidy up the dining room as it still looks like a pigsty. Haha. I have washed all of the dishes, cups and bowls so they are all clean – I’ve also eaten some of the minced fruit pies that I bought at Woolies today. So, I think my Christmas eve is alright!  But let me return to how I have spent the day today …

I’m taking Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve off from work so I can relax and de-stress. I got up reasonably late at 9am, and then I spent some time on the computer, playing SimCity. Haha – yeah, I’m still a geek. I had my last two Emmaline’s Country Kitchen Christmas puddings for breakfast – oh they are very delicious. They’re some sort of little rich chocolatey cake that just melt in your mouth. Very yummy indeed. I then went to the city to soak in some Christmas atmosphere – I had lunch at the basement of David Jones, I had my usual Japanese chicken curry with rice. I love Japanese curry; it has its spot next to pasta and marzipan and crispy-fried anchovies. 😀 I then bought some perfumes for my sisters since I will be heading back to Indonesia in three weeks’ time. I also bought a pannetone cake and some cookies just to add to my collection of Christmas munchies. Before I went home, I went to Woolies to buy some chicken breast, garlic, chillies, parsley and mushroom. I plan to cook some pasta for Christmas – yeah, not the usual festive meal, unfortunately, but at least I am planning to cook something from scratch that I’m sure I will enjoy very much. It’s my specialty so far – Penne aglio olio e peperoncino. Nice 🙂

I took the bus home and then took a little nanna nap (haha, I love that term!) and then got up to watch the news and do some tidying up.

So finally, I hope you are celebrating Christmas with your loved ones this year. It sucks to be alone on Christmas Eve, but I’m not down – I’m feeling Christmasy nevertheless.


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