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I really love Norway and have a certain affinity with this country – it has fjords, mountains and forests that are really beautiful. Oslo may not have the same grace, dynamism or grandiosity of Copenhagen, but I like the city. If the Danes are friendly, laidback and almost playful, the Norwegians are conservative, loyal, dignified and simple. “Simple” is not the right word, but I can’t find a better word – Norwegians don’t like exuberance, they like simplicity. They may seem aloof at first, but once you’ve cracked the surface, you’ll find a character that will not desert you and will stick with you. Norway was not a rich country before oil was discovered, so the buildings in the city reflected that as well. On top of that, Norway twice changed ownership between Denmark and Sweden, that is why they do not want to join the European Union. They have their independence and dignity to preserve …

When I arrived in Norway, I had a walk around Oslo and revisited the areas that I used to visit (Karl Johans Gate, Nationaltheatret, etc) – I also took a subway all the way to Frognerseteren, a cafe at the top of the hill overlooking the city. I also took a train to Kongsberg, a town located about 1.5 hours out of Oslo. So far, I have seen the main church here and its Baroque-Rococo style, its open-air museum housing old buildings that they plucked from their original location to their current place. The walking tour at 3.30pm that you can take is also worth the time and money as you’d get to know about the local history and folklore … like, I didn’t know that when there was a death in the family in the olden times, they would cut down a section of the wall and quickly move the corpse out before the spirit returned home. They would quickly reseal the wall, and then threw out some flax seeds around the house because apparently the ghost would be tempted to count the seeds, and since they could only count up to three (What the … ?) They would have to resume the counting over and over again …

Apart from that, the fresh local strawberries, the blue sky and the sunshine, and the gushing water of Numedalslågen river across Kongsberg … My holiday is definitely on!

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  1. Hey, that’s not fair! I didn’t learn anything about showers in Norway! Do the trolls wash themselves at all? Don’t torture me any more, tell me, tell me!!!

  2. Great travelogue, Fuzzy! You are certainly getting about.

    Just wondering though, what are the shower facilities in Norway like? 😛

  3. The shower facility in Norway is great – feeling clean and refreshed now. 😛

    Thanks to you, now the readers think that I have an affinity with showers! 😛

    Asians just like being clean! 😀

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