A change of perspective

It’s been a superb Sunday so far, even though I don’t end up going to the Carols by Candlelight at Elder Park tonight.  I’m chilling out now listening to my Bukkene Bruse CD – you probably don’t know who they are. I stumbled across Bukkene Bruse through one of the Nordic CDs that I bought many years ago – Bukkene Bruse is a Norwegian group singing traditional tunes. Very relaxing, very soulful, and very melancholy … *grin*. I’m not feeling melancholic at all at the moment, and listening to their ethereal music makes me very relaxed …

I started Sunday with a stroll to church – a 20-minute walk to help me get fit. It was a great service by Ps. Jonathan Fontanarosa, about a change of perspective. We often get caught up in wanting to have a change in our circumstances, that we forget that perhaps what we need is a simple change of perspective. Ps. Jon reminded us about Joseph, whose circumstances actually got worse – being sold as a slave, and then had to serve under Potiphar, and then was imprisoned because of false accusation. Yet through it all, he strived to do his best and to maintain a godly perspective. Ps. Jon also reminded us about David, who compared Goliath with God, not with himself. The message that he gave struck home because I was about to write my Kimber Chronicle tonight first of all by making a comment about a tough, challenging year – almost in a negative manner. The message reminded me again that I should step back, and reassess the situation and see it from a bigger picture; it also gave me a new insight into Romans 12, that we should first present ourselves as living sacrifices, and then to not be conformed to the pattern of this world but be transformed daily by the renewing of our mind. Then after we have done those things, we utilise the gifts that we have to glorify God. Ps. Jon reminded us that after we have served God, we need to stop and return to the first step, to think and remember why we do what we do in our ministry, and then to transform our mind before we take the next step. A powerful message indeed.

It’s nearly 7.00pm now, I’m sure there are tonnes of people at Elder Park at the moment, munching their food and waiting for the carols to start. Ah well, I’ll go next year perhaps.

So, after church, I went home, did my laundry, and then caught up with Ps. Toming, Mary, Alice and Novi to have lunch together at KwikStix in North Adelaide. We went to have coffee afterwards at Illy, and then parted ways. I went home with Ps. Toming and Novi, whereas Mary, Alice, went home with Micky and Pa’ Konrad who came later to join us for coffee.  After arriving home, I also had a chance to water the plants and just to relax and enjoy the afternoon.

Yeah, my circumstances haven’t changed – still single and searching, and I haven’t miraculously got an extra million dollars in my account, or a certainty in my situation at work, but a change in perspective has made this Sunday superb! I trust God when He said that He would supply all my needs according to His riches and glory.


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