Everchanging Times


It’s been a while since I last wrote and shared my thoughts – and since today is as good as any day, I thought I’d post something. It’s a cold day in Adelaide and Indy is sitting nearby, just feeling a tad dazed and probably wishing that I would go to bed early tonight. What triggered my thought was my attempt to clean up my study. My study room used to be pretty tidy, but accumulated junk, papers, magazines are making several piles in the room. I managed to throw away some stuff that in the previous attempts were considered too sentimental. This time, I threw away a job contract that I signed before I joined the University – I also threw away some movie flyers that I thought would worth something someday. Ha!

It got me thinking that life is really fleeting … as we march onward, the things that we hold dear may end up being trivial in the future. We came with nothing and we will end up with nothing when we depart. Seeing some old postcards and tidbits from my previous trips does make me a tad sentimental, but perhaps sometime in the future, I would end up chucking them away when I build new memories. My latest attempt to clean up my study also reminded me when I left Singapore in 2002 to migrate to Australia. Within the 2.5 years that I worked in Singapore, I managed to buy a lot of books and CDs (I was a constant visitor to Borders in Scotts Road) – and I dismantled knickknacks and putting my stuff in boxes, I was suddenly struck by the philosophy of it all. How I managed to put 2.5 years into boxes – all the laughter and time spent with my expat friends and the numerous barbeques at Sophia Court. I also remember how painful it was having to throw away some of the things – perfectly good things – that I couldn’t fit in my boxes and luggage.

Life’s like that, isn’t it.

It’s everchanging times after all.


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