Blind Date (Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément)


After seeing the last three films from the Alliance Française French Film Festival that are more or less either serious and thoughtful or annoying in a juvenile way, I was ready to watch something light and pleasant. Blind Date (Un peau, beaucoup, aveuglément) thankfully fits into that category. This movie does not pretend that it’s a pretentious arty movie, it is eager to please the audience with a heartwarming story and for that, it does not disappoint.

The story begins with ‘Machine’ (Mélanie Bernier), a piano teacher who is living on her own for the very first time. Her apartment unfortunately shares a very thin wall with ‘Machin’ (Clovis Cornillac), a highly-strung game inventor who appreciates total silence and quietness so he can work. He tries to scare and push ‘Machine’ out of the apartment at the beginning, only to strike an unusual friendship and relationship with her – separated by the thin wall. Thrown into the mix is Charlotte (Lilou Fogli), ‘Machine”s older sister who enjoys sleeping with younger men, and ‘Machin”s friend, Artus (Philippe Duquesne) who is trying to gently nudge him to interact more with society.

This movie is charming – at times quite unnecessary comical, like the scene where ‘Machine’ enjoys her first unrestrained piano performance. However, the seemingly sincere performance by all of the actors concerned, makes Blind Date highly enjoyable. Mélanie Bernier uncannily looks like a younger version of Demi Moore, which is a nice contrast to Clovis Cornillac‘s gruff geeky charm. A bonus from this movie is my first encounter with French singer from the 70’s, Serge Lama – it’s always great to hear some nice French melodies!

This movie is thus far the charming, low-key highlight of the Alliance Française Film Festival, and with one more movie to go – hopefully this festival can go out on a personal bang for me.





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