Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from Heaven


I have mentioned my dislike for preachy faith-based movies on my blog several times. So, as much as I look forward to seeing faith-based movies at the theatre, I usually half-expect preachy, unnatural conversations with wooden acting. Miracles from Heaven is quite different that it stars a well-known actress, Jennifer Garner as Christy Beam. Her believable portrayal of Christy manages to carry the movie and makes the movie down to earth and ‘real’.

The movie is based on a true story on how Christy and Kevin Beam (Martin Henderson) grappled with their daughter’s sickness. Anna (Kylie Rogers) was suddenly diagnosed with an illness which currently has no cure – pseudo-obstruction motility disorder. As the title of the movie suggests, Anna was miraculously cured – but not before the whole family learned about the value of faith and how miracles still take place in the here and now.

I particularly like how the movie deals with sickness and hard questions without reverting to spiritual mumbo jumbo, that there is so much unknown about the reality of pains, sickness, loss and tragedy and that it does not negate God’s loving-kindness. I also appreciate that Christy’s struggle with keeping her faith is shown, and how sometimes we receive unwise comments from fellow churchgoers who know nothing about the situation that we’re facing.

Perhaps the comparison with Heaven is for Real is inevitable- after all, both movies share the same producers. However, I prefer Miracles from Heaven for keeping it real, but staying true to the message that keeping your faith alive in the midst of troubles allows you to see the miracles around us. This movie will probably only have a limited run here in Australia but I hope more people would see it – within and beyond the confines of  church groups.






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