Atonement – Stunning, Breathtaking.

I watched the movie tonight after I received a free ticket in the mail – for those of you who know Adelaide, I watched it Capri Cinema down at Goodwood Road. It was my first time there and it was quite charming to have an organ in the middle of the stage with the guy playing some show tunes while waiting for the movie to start. Very 1930s!

Atonement is the best movie that I have seen this year – lush and beautifully detailed (when Robbie brushed his hair or buttoned his shirt, or when Briony looked at a bee by the window – it’s nicely detailed without too microscopically in-your-face). Vanessa Redgrave is also stunning as the mature Briony – the emotions that she portrayed through restrained gestures of a burdened woman should get her an Oscar. Great music as well, in some places very ‘The English Patient’-esque.

The story is about a young girl with an over-active imagination who caused a series of events that destroyed the chance of her sister ever getting together with her lover. She tried to redeem herself by becoming a nurse … If you watch the movie, you’d know by the end whether she ends up redeeming herself or not.

It’s based on a novel by Ian McEwan – I remember one of the members of the Bookclub in Singapore chose it, but I didn’t feel like reading it because of the story. I wish I had …

Some people commented about the time-leaps during the movie. It shouldn’t be confusing if you pay attention on the story – it does move back and forth a bit but I followed it pretty well and it made a lot of sense. It’s been a while since a movie left me stunned and at a loss for words.

Here’s the website:

Simply beautiful, stunning, and breathtaking – 5/5.


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