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I’m so happy to finally put another poster up!!! So now, one side of the euroCorner is done, I just need to do the other side. What a difference a good drill bit makes! I stopped by K-Mart on the way home from work to buy some drill bits. I initially planned to buy some el cheapo 5mm drill bits but K-Mart only stocks Black & Decker drill-bits so I thought maybe I should buy them instead. Using the Black & Decker drill bit, it was much easier to drill into the brick – hurrah! So now 2 down, 3 to go. Here’s what my eastern side of my euroCorner looks like with the 2 posters, the plants and the candelabra that I got from my friend Anton.

I feel pretty proud of myself that I can drill pretty well now – hehehe. Well, I’m sure I still look like a klutz with a drill if I stand beside a pro, but at least I drilled 8 nicely aligned holes so I could hang my posters. Yay!!! Woohoo!!!

The lighting is not the best since I took the photo at about 7.45pm – but at least you know what it looks like now. I welcome your comments! 🙂


Euro Corner - Eastern Side


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  1. Been exhausted and have hard time at work, and your euro corner give me a little fresh air and moment when I looked at it…great job 🙂

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