Interesting times indeed!

I read somewhere that “May you live in interesting times” is actually some kind of Chinese curse, rather than a blessing because in ‘interesting times’ there will be greater challenges and changes and you will need to be on your guard at all times.  It has been quite an interesting period at work indeed with the merger between the two banks – so even though the general outlook is very much positive, there is an underlying apprehensiveness amongst the staff in trying to figure out what will happen to us in the near future. Ah well, I can only take it one day at a time and not worry about it – He knows what He‘s doing! 🙂

My hammer drillSo because of the extra tension at work, I haven’t really had the chance to update my blog and write what I’ve been doing. Apart from being busy at work, I’ve also been trying to do some more work on my European Corner – I started last week by drilling some holes on my brick wall, so I can put the plugs and hang my metal posters. It turned out that drilling into brick wall was not an easy task at all – I realised that I could be a complete klutz when it came to handyman’s work! 🙁 At least, I have improved since last week and I’m getting really comfortable with my hammer drill. I have also come to a conclusion that I should buy good masonry drill bits. So far I have sacrificed three 5mm drill bits, because it’s so friggin’ hard to drill holes on the wall. Since then I have put one poster up, and another one is in progress – I just need to buy another 5mm masonry drill bit – then the rat-tat-tat-tat-tat can begin again!

Adelaide is getting really warm as well in anticipation of the long hot summer ahead – the temperature reached 31.9C yesterday, and today it was 34.3C. It’s going to be warm throughout the week – I’m not really enjoying the heat but at least it’s still bearable and it’s not 43C yet. Urgh! So it is extra fun drilling in the heat – even at 7.00pm when I did it, it was still warm, so my goggles were filled with perspiration and my mask felt uncomfortable even after only wearing them for 10 minutes. Because of the daylight saving, it is still light until about 8.00pm – great to do extra housework and gardening!

I’ve also been busy mucking around with my profile page on Facebook – I can’t remember who introduced me first to Facebook but I quicky got hooked. I have installed heaps of mini applications and connected myself to some of my friends from Singapore, uni, work, highschool and even with my kindergarten friend, Hengki, who’s now stationed in the Indonesian Embassy in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It can be quite addictive and I also have to be aware of the level of information that I feed into it, as I’m sure they are mining all of the information stored in the database and how each of the members are interconnected and interrelated. Working in data mining and marketing, I know that by analysing and mining the member database, Facebook will be able to target their advertisement and marketing offers to specific segments that fulfil their criteria, however, I get pretty antsy if the information that they compile falls into third-parties that can abuse and misuse the information. So for those of you who are on Facebook already, just be mindful of the information that you provide into it.

Well, it’s time that I take my shower and head down to sleep! My rooibos should be ready to drink now, I guess – so after that it’ll be my rubadubadub time!

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