Ne le dis à personne (Tell No One)

Ne le dis à personne (Tell No One)

It has been quite a cinematic couple of days with 4 Italian movies almost back-to-back, and then 1 French movie (Ne le dis à personne). I didn’t plan to see it, but when I received a freebie offer in my mail (you beauty!), I couldn’t resist it so I went to see it tonight.

The movie is about Alex Beck who one day received an email with a webcam link that shows that her supposedly dead wife is still alive, eight years after she was ‘killed’. There are several incidents afterwards that exposed the dirty secrets that involve a senator and his son. Alex is then forced to fight for his innocence when he is accused of his wife’s murder, as well as the murder of her best friend …

The movie is very enjoyable – taut and thrilling, engrossing without overpowering. It is a combination of a ‘whodunnit’ and ‘The Fugitive’ . Whilst I realised that it would be a long movie beforehand, once I watched it, I didn’t realise that I had been watching it for 131 minutes. Even though I’m not much into thrillers thesedays, I give it 4/5. Very enjoyable!

Watch out for the tough looking lady who interrogates others by pressing into her victim’s chest cavity! One scary missy!


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