Centochiodi (One Hundred Nails)

Centochiodi (One Hundred Nails)

Centochiodi (One Hundred Nails) was the last Italian movie that I watched as part of the 2007 Lavazza Italian Film Festival. It was directed by Ermanno Olmi and it is about an incident at a historic library when the librarian discovered that many of the ancient books in one particular chamber were mysteriously nailed to the ground or to the tables. Well, staked is a better description, as the nails used to pin the book were massive ones.

The movie was full of allegories and philosophical question about religion and faith. One of the Italian ladies who sat behind me exclaimed that the movie was ‘Molto profundo!‘ (Very profound, I think – in my very limited Italian knowledge!) 😀 The acting felt really amateurish – maybe because most of the cast were not professional actors. Some parts were so down-to-earth funny, but some were so awkward. It was like watching a movie out of the 70’s, where the actors awkwardly looking at the camera and not really acting. I agree with a lot of reviews mentioning the beautiful photography in the movie, but all in all, I would probably only give it 3/5.

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