Quale Amore

Quale Amore

Quale Amore (What is Love?) is the second movie that I watched from the four Italian movies that I picked from this year’s Lavazza Italian Film Festival.

The movie shares the story of an ambitious man named Andrea, who is quite besotted by the pianist named Antonia. They come from two totally different world – Andrea is a merchant banker who looks down on Antonia’s music background. As their relationship sours and jealousy starts to enter their life, tragedy is about to hit their life.

Quale Amore is an interesting exploration of marriage – of the need to possess the other half, of awkward and misunderstood attempts to mend the broken relationship. It also shows how men can be so shallow in understanding women’s wishes and needs. Again, I would’ve liked the movie to bring it one step further – whilst I really enjoyed the movie, it felt distant and cold at times and didn’t ‘engage’ the viewers as much as it should. The actress playing Antonia, Vanessa Incontrada, is stunning in this movie whilst I wish Giorgio Pasotti (the actor playing Andrea) had not intepreted his character being formal and cold as being wooden!

Rating:   3/5.

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