11.20pm, Saturday – or is it 00.20am, Sunday?

It’s Saturday night here, but in a couple of hours, I will have my sleep cut off short by an hour – yes, it’s that time of the year when we have an extra hour of sunlight: Daylight Saving. So from tomorrow until the end of March, Adelaide will be 10.5 hours ahead of GMT.

I’m already in bed, compensating for the loss of sleep-hour that I’m about to have. All of the clocks in the house have been fast-forwarded, except for the one in the bedroom. I’ll do it in the morning, I think … I’m listening to Klassik Radio, a radio station from Germany on my Roku Soundbridge. I like sleeping to various radio stations around the world. It’s nice to hear foreign languages as I fall deep into slumber.

The day has been relatively relaxing – I got up late and then went to my singing practice at Ps. Toming’s house for tomorrow’s church service. Afterwards, I had lunch at Chinatown and did my grocery shopping before I headed home, had a nap, watched some telly and The Witches of Eastwick DVD that I bought cheaply from EzyDVD on their store launch this week. I am feeling better even though I am still a bit queasy at times and even though my appetite has returned, I still don’t feel like eating much.

Well, I should head off to sleep – it’s a stormy night here in Adelaide and it’s nice to sleep to the sound of the rain and the wind outside …

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