Copenhagen : The highlights

I owe the reader the highlights of Copenhagen, so here it is … (Btw, I would also appreciate your comments from time to time just to let me know that you’re reading this) 🙂

On my first day in Copenhagen, I arrived from Amsterdam at about 5.00pm-ish because Transavia was late departing from Amsterdam. Apparently the plane was not given the permission to take off – I didn’t know why really, and giving the stewardesses a dirty look wouldn’t have resolved the situation. We departed 1 hour later and arrived about 40 minutes later because the pilot tried to get to Copenhagen as fast as he could. Upon arriving in Copenhagen, unfortunately the airport was *packed* so they had to use a baggage belt for 5 flights concurrently – something that I had never experienced before, even in countries in Asia. The bags from my flight were finally available after 30 minutes of waiting at the packed hall. So now you know why I was really desperate for a shower …

Hotel Ansgar, as described previously, was centrally-located and had good and helpful staff. The breakfast spread was great – the only grievances are the ‘dodgy’ neighbourhood (lots of hotels in the area though) and the size of the room. After arriving at the hotel at about 6.30ish, I had a shower and then slept throughout the night until the following morning. I was just so tired!!!

The following morning, I went from Colbjørnsensgade (where the hotel is) towards Strøget, the main shopping street in Copenhagen. My first impression of Copenhagen was that it was a chaotic mess – cars and pedestrians. The Rådhuspladsen in front of the Københavns Rådhus (Town Hall) also seemed uncoordinated and busy. The fact that there were some building projects in the are might be the reason. Strøget itself was very busy with tourists – my friend Hugo and I went towards Nytorv and then towards Kongens Nytorv. ‘Torv’ is the Danish word for plaza/square, and Kongens Nytorv is a beautiful square surrounded by beautiful old buildings such as Hotel d’Angleterre (one of the most expensive hotels in Copenhagen) and the Magasin Du Nord (one of the exclusive shopping centre in town).

From Kongens Nytorv, we made our way towards Nyhavn, a pretty area that used to be the riff-raff side out of town, full of drunken sailors and prositutes. Now this harbourside is full of restaurants, cafes, and charming old buildings. We walked along Nyhavn all the way towards Den lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid). We stopped by at Amaliehaven (Amalie Garden) just to rest a bit. I was getting tired and grumpy by then and when I finally met the Little Mermaid, it was quite anticlimactic as well because it was swarmed by Greek tourists who monopolised the statue. I managed to grab 5 seconds to take a tourist-free picture of the statue before a lady proudly plomped herself on one of the stones. By the way, in case one plans to see the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, it is located quite a distance away from the city centre – around 20 minutes’ walk or so.

After the Little Mermaid, we walked back to the city via Kastellet, an army barrack area that was established in the middle ages but is still currently being used. I was still jetlagged so I must’ve looked like a living dead, forcing myself to walk when my mind and body are telling me to go to sleep. Through Bredgade, we returned back towards the city centre and had a late lunch in Cafe Laszlo in Læderstræde – you just know you’re in Europe when they play daggy songs like Boney M’s “Ma Baker” or “Things That Make You Go Hmmm” as the background music and that nobody seems to think that it’s weird. I was getting really tired then, so I went back to the Hotel to sleep.

I only came out in the evening for a bit to walk around in Tivoli, an amusement-park located near the city centre. The park is filled with rides, cafes and restaurants, as well as man-made lakes and water features. I loved walking around there just to soak in the atmosphere – looking at kids with eyes of wonderment as they finally succeeded in topling their aim with their water pistols. I didn’t have my dinner there though as the menus seemed overpriced.

The last highlights of Copenhagen will be put in a separate post so you won’t have to endure endless scrolling …. hehehe.

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