Feelin’ sick

I went home early on Tuesday – at 1.30pm because I was having a fever and I was feeling rather nauseous – even the two panadol tablets that I took didn’t help. I spent the rest of the day sleeping and trying to nurse my sickness. It did make me think that it is quite a hard call when you are sick and you live alone because you have to find the motivation and the energy to take care of yourself. At the end I only had a tub of yoghurt for lunch at home, and a tinned chicken soup for dinner. The soup didn’t taste as nice as when I had it feeling well, but I had to finish it nevertheless. It was just too bad I didn’t have any ointment, or jamu for my sickness. I thought maybe I had what the Indonesians call masuk angin – the wind enters your body – because the weather has been quite erratic lately. Hot 35C one day, 19C the next …

Yesterday I headed off to work because I thought that I had enough energy to go on anyway – I had my usual yoghurt and cereal for breakfast. I didn’t have my coffee though because I thought it might unsettle my stomach. I took my zinc and Vitamin tablets, as well as the Panadol. By about 1pm, prior to my meeting I was nauseous again and this time I had to let it all out in the office loo. I did survive the day – had soup for lunch, and had a haircut as well. There’s certainly a bug going around in Adelaide, I guess – even my usual hairdresser, Peter, was sick, and so was his colleague.  At the end, Peter’s dad gave me a perfunctory haircut, which was too hasty for my liking.  I also bought some tiger balm for my stomach, so at least I wouldn’t feel so bloated.

I did have a good sleep last night, after rubbing the tiger balm all over my chest and stomach – I’m still feeling weakish, but hopefully I can fight this off today! And yeah, I’m going to work too!

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