The demise of Weekly10

For a while I thought it would be nice for me to compile my Weekly10 – however, lately I have to come up with things that I don’t really like or really hate. I may think of a better way next time to encapsulate the ups and downs that I experience in each week, but for now, Weekly10 is no more!

Euphorbia x martinii

This week was more pleasant than the previous one – even though I was really busy, but at least I felt really positive about it. I have put some energy and thoughts into putting more things into my EuroCorner. I bought a corner plant rack from Country Style this week, and I bought more plants from K-Mart to put on it: kalanchoe, lavender, and superbena. In the EuroCorner, I also have a cast iron candelabra that was given to me by my friend Anton. Yesterday I went to the Festival of Outdoor and Garden Living at Veale Garden and got myself four plants to put in the porch and around in the EuroCorner – yeah, the corner has certainly come alive! I bought a Euphorbia x martinii, a Salvia ‘Greek Skies’, a Scented Geranium (lemon-scented leaves!), and a Phlomis platystegia – a perennial originally from Israel!

I put the Scented Geranium in the porch, along with the Philodendron and a Polka-Dot Plant (Hypoestes sanguinolenta) on the three-tiered plant stand that I bought from Munns at Glandore.

So there you go – more plants for the house to make it more homey! 🙂

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