The Keeper of Lost Causes (Kvinden i buret)

The Keeper of Lost Causes


 The Keeper of Lost Causes (Kvinden i buret) is a typical cop story about a jaded, antisocial cop who made a mistake before being relegated to a boring job – managing cold cases.  Police inspector Carl Mørck (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) made a mistake when he and his teammates enter a crime scene without any backup, killing one and causing his best friend paralysed.  Separated from his wife with a rebelious stepson, he is set on a path to self destruct.  However, he takes an interest with one of the cold cases – the disappearance of Merete Lynggaard (Sonja Richter) over a ferry trip. Teamed with a Assad (Fares Fares), they refuse to accept the previous finding that Merete committed suicide, and uncover a psychopath with a major grudge.

The movie managed to keep my interest from the get-go until the end – complete with the stoic romanticism of Scandinavian movies, it’s a tried and tested cop story that at times feels like a pilot to a TV series: it reveals the main perpetrator way too simply and some of the aspects of the story are predictably formulaic.

The movie is apparently based on the first Department Q novel by Jussi Adler-Olsen. If they ever make a TV series out of this, I would be sure to follow it.





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