Happiness is just by being together

Indy, curled underneath my desk - January 21, 2014


It’s been a while since I wrote about my thoughts and daily experiences – I suppose after I started my study again, a lot of my time has been occupied by writing ‘serious stuff’ and reading even more serious stuff. I sometimes wish I could nurture my left brain by reading more fiction books and rest my logical self. It’s hard to do when your brain actually enjoys the intellectual challenges.

Tonight is a little bit different – I just sent a report that I prepared for a contract research client, and rather than picking up thesis works or other outstanding tasks, I use this time to ‘exhale’. Yani is sleeping in the living room as usual, enjoying the comfort of the couch – and I’m sitting in my study at the back of the house, with the phone buzzing in regular intervals – informing me about the WhatsApp messages that are waiting for me to read. My sisters and sister-in-law are discussing about what kind of dishes that they should prepare for Chinese New Year dinner at the end of the month. I wish I were there with them – at least through technology, I know what they are preparing and what they’re planning to do.

I spent the last ten minutes reading my old blog posts when I adopted Indy in 2011 – how I fell in love with his sad eyes, and how much I had grown to love him in such a short period of time. Even now, nearly three years later, Indy is still as lovable as ever. Perhaps even more so – he has truly become a part of our family. Indy would come to my study as I sit and do my work in front of the computer, pawing my lap so I would give him a cuddle. Afterwards, he would lie down next to me in the study, seemingly asleep but I know that he’s waiting for me to finish my work. He would wake up groggily when I turn off my monitors and say, “Come on, Indy! Let’s go to sleep!” – following me, ever politely.

As I type these words, Indy is asleep underneath my desk – curled near the powerboard that’s providing power to my computer. He just wants to be near me. Once or twice he would accidentally stepped on the switch that would shut my computer down, and as soon as he did that – seeing my reaction – he would know that he had done something bad. As frustrating as it was, I couldn’t get angry at Indy.  How could I be mad at him though, because he just wanted to be near me. On the photo, you can also see his red ball that he would play with, on rotation with the yellow or the green ball, depending on his mood. 🙂

Having a dog teaches me that for our canine companions, happiness is just by being with their master. It’s enough to make them content – even in uncomfortable environments or circumstances. Whenever I see street performers or people selling “The Big Issue” magazines with their dog lying nearby, I know that it’s their love and dedication that makes them endure the uncomfortable environment.

… and that’s when my dog teaches me about how I should be in my walk of faith with God.


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