Weekly10 [14|10|07]

I had one of the heaviest and most hectic week, but on the other hand, I also had one of the most pleasant weekend! Without further ado, here are my five most pleasant things and five things I could’ve done without!

Tasting Australia 2007


  • Tasting Australia 2007 – What a fantastic event along the Torrens! I really enjoyed the great food, the great atmosphere. Ace!!!!!
  • Adelaide Central Market – One of my favourite places in Adelaide. The hustle and bustle, the sound, the smell – very rejuvenating.
  • Alessandro dell’Acqua – Smells good and it makes me feel suave!
  • Black Swan Chunky Dips – I love their dips, they’re yummy!
  • Booked the ticket to head back to Indonesia in January.  Good to get a breather from work!


  • Told you – I had the most hectic and busy week thus far! – I was incoherent by Thursday because I was so tired. 😥
  • Having to do some work on Sunday evening. I have so much work to do that I need to do some work tonight. 🙁
  • Losing the bid to buy a Kosta Boda vase on eBay. Grrrrr.
  • Gurgling bathroom drainage – if I turn the tap too strong, then the water will seep out of the sinkhole. Help!
  • It’s time to kick John Howard out!!!!!!



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