Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper


Giving and receiving gifts are a part of Christmas tradition – some say that we follow what what the wise men did thousands of years ago, some say it’s just a pagan tradition. I say, I give gifts because I care. There’s joy in trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, and seeing their face as they see what they get. Of course, you may also be pressed for time and end up giving meh gifts like socks and undies or giftcards. 🙂

However, there’s something that is often simple and yet frustrating to do around Christmas: dealing with wrapping paper and ensuring that your gifts are neatly wrapped. It’s extra work if the gifts are oddly-shaped as the paper needs to trace the contour of the object. The usual wrapping paper seems so fragile – an incorrect contact with a sticky tape would damage the beautiful print and leave a white patch on the paper, or worse – a tear. Further more, the more you fiddle with the paper, the messier it is as the paper gets crumpled and creased with every fold that you make to fix the previous one.

Wrapping paper is deliberately made fragile – otherwise more people would use and reuse them. If you make a poor effort in wrapping gifts, just tear it up and buy a new one.

It’s like who we are, isn’t it? We are all unique – some are perfectly rounded or solidly square, and some are unique with their awkward edges and peculiar bumps. We all try to cover ourselves up with things that would mask the inside and present us to be beautiful to the outside world. However, our wrapping paper (i.e. our possessions, degrees, wealth) can be quite fragile too – just ask those whose life was affected by bushfires, tsunamis, earthquakes – or an unexpected illness. To those who matter, what’s important is inside of that beautiful gift.

Be happy with who you are – whether you’re a cynic, a skeptic, a cry-baby, or a melancholic. Or if you are kind, tender-hearted, simple-minded or confusingly complex.

Wrappings are fragile and meant to be fragile, what’s important is inside. To those who matter, you are valuable beyond measure.

Merry Christmas and God bless.

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