What a week!

I’ve had one of the busiest weeks I’ve ever had ever since I joined Adelaide Bank in 2004 – by Thursday, I had to stay until about 7pm to finish a report that I had promised one of the Chief General Managers, even though I got to the office pretty early too. I was quite incoherent by the afternoon, because I was already very tired — the whole week was filled by meetings and deadlines and I was so happy to finish it yesterday and to face the weekend. One of my workmates, Nick, had a farewell get-together at The Stag yesterday, but I told him that I couldn’t come because I was just too tired. Lucky bugger, he’s going to Europe for a 7-week walkabout, including places like Amsterdam, London, Ibiza … argh! I wish I could go on a holiday too!

I am going overseas in January, to head back “home” to Indonesia – to be with my family and also to celebrate my parents’ 49th Wedding Anniversary. It will be nice to escape work for a while and to relax for a bit — I suppose I would’ve enjoyed to spend the money going to North America or Europe or somewhere exotic around the world, however, it is nice to nurture my social side and to be with my family regularly. Hehehe. It does cost relatively similar to fly back to Indonesia and to fly to Europe from Adelaide during off-season.

It’s great to end such a hectic and draining week with quite a satisfying bang though – after the meeting at my Pastor’s place in St Georges, we then had lunch at Arkaba Hotel. I thought it would be nice to treat my pastor and his wife, along with three of my friends from church for my belated birthday treat. I had chargrilled beef fillet steak – it was nice but it wasn’t the best steak that I’ve had. Afterwards, we went for a coffee at Cibo in North Adelaide – it was good to further unwind and chat with them.

We then parted way with Ps. Toming as he had to meet his mate at the golf course in North Adelaide, so Ibu Elvy, myself, Mary, Novi and Hanna went to the city and decided to go to the Tasting Australia 2007 festival at Elder Park, by the River Torrens. What a fantastic event! Kiosks after kiosks with menus from exclusive restaurants across Adelaide. I ended buying a bottle of Sherry Vinegar from Le Cordon Bleu kiosk and enjoying a plate of satay, a cone of mixed salt-n-pepper + lemon-n-chilli squid from Scampi’s on the Beach kiosk, a snag-n-bread from Beerenberg kiosk, and a plate of lamb sirloin from Sosta kiosk. Yumm, yumm!!!! Ohhh, I’m so full now but so satisfied! I don’t care if I gain an extra kilo or two, but at least it comes from good food! The atmosphere was really great as well because it was also the closing night of the Australasian Masters Game – so looking at the lights reflected on the River Torrens reminded me of the lights at Boat Quay in Singapore. Adelaide felt so alive, so vibrant.

We’ve decided to return there again after the Church service tomorrow … yummmmmmmm. Still tired, but gastronomically very satisfied!

Tasting Australia 2007 - Elder Park, Adelaide

Tasting Australia 2007 - Elder Park, Adelaide

Tasting Australia 2007 - Elder Park, Adelaide

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