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The Indonesian church is quieter as the weeks go by as more students and residents head home for Christmas.  There are more students who will be away this year compared to those who will want to celebrate Christmas here.  A part of me wants to head to Indonesia as well and see my family and friends, and pig out on all of the Indonesian delicacies.  However, funnily as time goes by, I get quite comfortable staying here in Adelaide during the festive season. Of course I miss my friends, but then again, Adelaide is my home now – and I am home for Christmas.

We finished church relatively early with a shorter practice for next week’s service as we’re not going to have  the full worship team – some of the folks chose to play tennis afterwards, while some of us (“the grown-ups”) consisting of three married couples and three singles opted to have dinner in the city instead.  We didn’t feel like continuing to any of the cafés in Gouger Street so we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

As the sun was still high at around 7.30pm, I walked Indy around the neighbourhood – it’s quite a rarity for him to walk on Sunday! So now, he’s lying down sleeping next to my chair in the study as the fan whirs to keep the air cool. Summer is definitely here in Adelaide.

So as my thoughts ponder about the upcoming festive season – I come to realise that I have actually set my anchor here in Adelaide. This is home. Of course I would love to celebrate it with my Mum, my siblings and the whole extended family – but Bandung nor Jakarta is not home for me anymore. I would be a guest in my former homeland. So as I prepare myself for Christmas – with less Indonesian friends around, I am content that I am home for Christmas.

I remember reading a quote by Christian Morgenstern in a hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania when I did my Baltic trip in 2006, “Home is not where you live, but where you feel understood.”

This is my home.



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