Weekly10 [07|10|07]

It’s a short week at work but still it’s a peculiar week, workwise … ! Here are my Weekly10 for this week!

Adelaide Tram


  • A short week at work – It was Labour Day on Monday.
  • Desmond Hogan’s A New Shirt – One of the first English fictions that I read from British Council Library in Bandung, many years ago. I managed to track one used copy in Melbourne! 🙂
  • The extended tramline – I like the extended tramline from Victoria Square to North Terrace!
  • Border Security – Since Idol sucks this year, I prefer to switch to Channel Seven to watch the show about the drama at immigration lines. I enjoy watching the various cases.
  • The sidegate is now fixed – The hammered nails may not look that tidy nor pretty, but they hold the planks securely! 🙂 Hehe.


  • A *BUSY* week ahead – Lots of reports to do in a very tight timeframe. 😥
  • Continuous spams. I don’t need any pills, I don’t need an extended manhood, I don’t need any financial requests from remote parts of Africa! 😡
  • I don’t have enough items to feel frustrated about, so for 2 points, I will award them to John Howard’s feeble attempt to delay the General Election. Come on, bring it on!!!!



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