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Here’s what my euroCorner looks like now, after I put the planter rack next to the window. I have some Paper Daisies (Rhodanthe anthemoides), Sisyrinchium angustifolium ‘Devon Skies’, and the Diascia variants – the Diascias are the colourful little flowers that you see on top of the planter rack. I also moved the Wollemi Pine tree from the front yard here, to prevent some desperate gardeners from stealing my pre-historic plant. 🙂

It’s still work in progress, as I’ll put some more stuff on the wall (not spoiling the surprise just yet!) that will involve some drilling. Hehe – yeah, being a home-owner involves drilling, hammering, painting, and other mechanical stuff that I wasn’t /am not good at. At least I have to try and improve! 😀

It’s a wonderful day today – the sun is out and the temperature is cool, time for me to be out and about – I’m heading off to Bunnings, the hardware store to get a can of clear spray-paint — I’m going to the city as well afterwards to have a look-see.

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