Jägermeister for breakfast

James and Nick would probably get a kick out of this – I’m still in the overnight ferry between Copenhagen and Oslo. It’s currently about 8.40am and we will arrive in Oslo at 9.15am. I had breakfast earlier at one of the restaurants (the ferry’s equipped with around 5-6 restaurants, one duty-free shopping area, kid area, so it’s almost a mini-cruise in a sense) and there was a waiter who offered jägermeisters for breakfast! 🙂 I guess that would give the passengers the kickstart for their day, eh? 🙂 The ferry trip has been really smooth so far – the sea was relatively still even though there were strong winds around the ship. The cabin was great as well, clean and spacious, so all in all, it is a great experience!

I still owe the highlights of Copenhagen to whoever’s reading this – I need to list all of the places that I’ve been to and also added my own musings of the places and the people, so I will post it before I’m on to commenting about Norway and the Norwegians. I’ve been to Norway before, so I guess I will share more about my private thoughts about the country and the people. 🙂 One more thing, if you are dieting, do not, I repeat, do not go to Scandinavia for a holiday … hahaha …. if you think that the Danish pastries are great in Australia, you should try the pastries and cake here …. lekker! *drool* One thing that I missed is that I didn’t get a chance of tasting a Danish beer since I’m not a beer drinker myself … I guess I should’ve tried it since I was in Denmark. Ah well! Maybe in Czech Republic then!

Anyhoo, I have to pack my bags now and get ready to land in Oslo … !

Ha det bra! (No, no, nothing related to brassiere, it’s how the Norwegians say ‘Goodbye!’ … hehehe. 😛) [Ha = have; det = it, bra = good].

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  1. Good to hear that Jaegermeister is safe for morning consumption. I presume you didn’t take the waiter up on the offer??? When in Rome or in this case Copenhagen……

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