We’ll always be together …

We had a discussion at work today about what we planned to do for the department’s Christmas in ear- the tradition in Marketing is for the team to go out for a team activity and then have lunch together. Somehow one of my workmates suggested that we should all go out to do some fancy-dress ice-skating! Argh!

Talking about skating, I’ve never done any roller-skating, roller-blading, ice-skating or the likes – however, when somebody mentions about roller-skating, there’s a song that seems to pop up on my head: Together in Electric Dreams by Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder. I don’t know why — and whenever I listen to this song, I always have a stupid grin on my face, like aahhhhh …. happiness. Sounds kooky, I know. Haha. 😆 I managed to find the clip in YouTube. Have a look at this!



The song was apparently released in 1984, so I was 12 when the song was out. At that age, I listened to Radio Ardan, a local radio in Bandung, Indonesia – my hometown. I used to put the radio underneath my pillow when I take a nap in the afternoon so I can sleep to Phil Collins’ Sussudio, for example. Hahaha. I used to love Phil Collins’ songs A LOT!

Ahhhhh, the 80’s!!!! The days of the Muppets, cheesy songs, watching breakdancing and movies such as Body Rock … haha. They seemed so cool at the time … hahahahahahahaha. I still love the Muppets!

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