Weekly10 [30|09|07]

It’s a great week – still a bit ‘peculiar’ workwise but very enjoyable. Here’s my Weekly10 for the week ending on 30 September 2007!




  • The Greek on Halifax – I had lunch there on Friday with the folks at work. Excellent food!
  • Pushing up push-ups – Doing two sets of 20’s now – in the morning and at night. Hurrah!!
  • Zazzle.com – I discovered Zazzle just yesterday – I can order custom-designed t-shirts using my own photos or Disney / Muppet / Looney Tunes / etc! Cool!
  • Julia Zemiro – What a talented comedienne! Every time she appears on Thank God You’re Here, she never fails to make me laugh out loud!
  • Wade Robson’s Flower and Hummingbird Jazz Routine – This coreographed jazz dance on the third episode of So You Think You Can Dance – Season 3 is very beautiful, very haunting! You can see it above.


  • Port Power’s loss – Such a huge humiliating margin! 😥
  • John Howard’s delaying the General Election’s announcement. Come on, let’s get it done!!!!
  • Blown-out pilot flame – The water heater’s pilot flame was blown out during the windy period a couple of days ago and unfortunately I only discovered it just as I was about to take my morning shower! Argh!
  • Having to fix the sidegate – thanks to the windy days last week! Two planks from the sidegate came loose and dropped on the ground.
  • We still need more rain



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