A Friend Like Henry

A Friend Like Henry

I’m on a roll with my reading this month, after finishing From Baghdad With Love, I continued with a book called A Friend Like Henry, a moving book written by Nuala Gardner. The book chronicles Nuala and Jamie Gardner’s experience in raising Dale, their autistic son. Nuala had to battle long and hard with bureaucracy, with Dale’s temper tantrums and with her own emotions and weariness. Nuala and Jamie were assisted by a wonderful golden retriever called Henry. Nuala subsequently won her battle with Dale’s autism, and when she found out that Amy, their second child also had autism, she had to fight it all over again …

The book feels a bit long at times because Nuala shares about her experience in minutiae, however, when I finished the book, I felt that I had learned a lot about autism and how wonderful Henry was. The book is fondly recommended to those who love animal and can understand a dog’s unquestioning loyalty, and also to those who would like to learn more about autism.

Dale grew up to be a kind, gentle man thanks to the love and sacrifice of the people around him, including a loving and supporting dog, named Henry.

Highly Recommended! [8.5/10]

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