Weekly10 [23|09|07]

It has been a mishmash of a week, it has its ups and downs and here are my 5 VotsHots and 5 VotsNots!

Port Power


  • Port Power is through to the Grand Final against Geelong!!! We’ve got the power to win!
  • Weekly Nut Run – every week I stop at Charlesworth Nuts after I do my grocery shopping. My comfort stop. 🙂
  • The living room is finally sorted – I bought two frames and put two more photos from my Europe trip last year: 1 from Tallinn and 1 from Stockholm. I just to get more books and ornaments for the bookcase! Hehe.
  • Broughton River Gourmet Butter – I bought a bottle at the Royal Adelaide Show at it’s great! I bought one mixed with Wattle Seed. Yummo!
  • So You Think You Can Dance – I’m more into this series than the Australian Idol. Love it – Mia Michaels is my favourite choreographer in the team. I love her contemporary style!


  • Australian Idol – it’s seems soooo boring this time around. Last year was much better!
  • John Howard – I’m getting really irritated by him. Every time he’s on telly, I tend to switch the channel thesedays.
  • I still need to lose more kgs! I need to get ready for Summer soon!
  • The sense of lethargy and uncertainty at work prior to the merger in November – it would be nice to go past this period and see what’s beyond the month.
  • Again, still irritated by the amount of roadwork around Grote Street. Who’s the genius to schedule all of the roadwork and constructions around Grote Street at the same time??? AAAARGH! 😡

John Howard


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