Dirty nails, tired hands

Asiatic Lilies

I’ve been spending the last hour digging through the soil in my sideyard – planting the remaining Asiatic Lilies that I bought from Tesselaar. The bulbs arrived on Friday but because I had quite a busy Saturday morning and afternoon (prayer meeting and lunch at Chinatown), I could only plant them starting from about 4pm. It was harder than I thought, because the soil was hardened by the lack of rain. On top of that I didn’t realise that there were so many rocks buried there — I didn’t want to use my shovel because I didn’t need to make big holes for the bulbs so I only used my trowel. I read on the instructions that I need to plant them 20cm-30cm apart, 15cm deep. So in line with my ‘stick-to-the-instructions’ nature, I brought along a ruler with me to ensure that the distance between the bulbs was about 30cm, and that the depth was about right. Hahaha. 😆

The job took longer than I thought it would, so by about 6.15pm, I stopped for the day because it was getting darker. By that time, I had planted 12 out of the 23 that I bought (what was I thinking!? Tesselaar had a 20-bulb special so I bought that package, along with 3 oriental lilies). So, as mentioned, it was a hard slog pulling out the weeds, digging through the dirt, putting some water in to make the digging easier, and then putting the bulb in the right position.

I finished the task this morning – with the remaining 11 bulbs planted — I hope that by Summer I will see some plants and flowers in my sideyard to make it more appealing than it is today. It’s not that bad, but it does look a little bit ‘abandoned’ compared to the other parts of the property. I have a Geraldton wax, a thornless white rose that I got from my friend Wayne, a crepemyrtle, a bottlebrush, and a shrub which name escapes me at the moment – along with some other native plants.

So, I’m relaxing now before I take a shower to get myself ready for church … I’ve had my morning coffee, some chocolate for breakfast (I know, not really healthy, eh? But I needed the energy before I did my digging!), my hands are sore, my nails are dirty, but it feels good! 🙂

Sometimes I think that maybe working with the land is already pre-programmed in my internal wiring – my mum came from a farming background (as I’ve mentioned before, I shouldn’t have laughed at my mum for loving gardening very much because I’ve caught the bug now!), and my paternal grandfather was also a tobacco plantation owner at one stage. I still don’t know much about gardening and my gardening skills and instinct are probably poor compared to my mum’s or other seasoned gardeners’, but I’m getting there.

Working with my hands, on my knees, feeling the soil, taking care of the plants give me a sense of achievement and satisfaction that can’t be provided through my work. I like what I’m doing at the office, but getting down and dirty and seeing the fruit of my labour through the plants that grow and flower keeps me sane. 🙂

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