‘Twas the night before Mum’s visit …

It’s another hot night in Adelaide – hopefully tonight is the last one of the season before we have a slow descent towards Autumn and Winter.  It’s still around 28C although it’s already 1am in the morning. I have just finished doing some Excel charts for work, so I can prepare the presentation in the morning. Tomorrow will be quite a day for me – it’s the first week of tutorials so I will need to prepare myself to meet two batches of eager and not-so-eager students.  I’m tutoring two classes of Advertising this semester, slowing down a bit as I have a lot of other commitments to fulfill as well. In the past I put my hand up to teach three or even more classes so I could further subsidise my scholarship stipend. This time around, I think two will suffice as I don’t want to burn myself out! 🙂

It’s also a momentous day tomorrow as my mum, my eldest sister and my niece will be coming over from Indonesia. It will be their first time in Australia, and my niece’s first time overseas. I can just imagine their excitement and the apprehension at the moment – my niece knows some basic English, but my mum and my sister will have to rely on their wit a bit. I hope they survive the terminal transfer in Sydney as I know that it can be a little bit confusing over there. Mum’s a tough lady though although age has weakened her down and I know that she will take it in stride. It’s quite unfortunate that I won’t be able to meet her at the airport as my first class will be at 3.00pm – they’re scheduled to touch down at 1.45pm and it will be extremely tight if I pick them up at the airport.  So Yani will have to pick them up and head home with them in a big cab. I will see them in the evening after I finish my classes.

I have told the folks at work that I will work from home a lot while they are here – I want to show them some beautiful spots in Adelaide and South Australia. I want to spoil them as much as I can. Mum has an enlarged heart as well and she can’t walk too far now, so I will have to adjust to her energy level. So I don’t know whether she can withstand another long distance overseas travel in the future. They are here to attend my Masters graduation ceremony next week as well, and God willing, Mum can also attend my PhD graduation in three years’ time. 🙂 It’s funny that as old as I am now, I’m very excited to meet mum, and of course my sister and niece.  It’s exciting to have family members from home – especially since it’s just Yani and I here. Ahh, the glamorous life of migrants, eh? 🙂

Yani and I have cleaned the house, prepared the guest bedroom, did some shopping for their amenities while they are here.

Roll on tomorrow and let the fun begin! 🙂

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