What a glorious day!

The sun is out, with some puffy clouds in the sky – not too hot, not too cold … gentle breeze keeps everything nicely balanced. No wonder everybody thinks that it’s such a perfect day today. It’s going to be a glorious weekend here in Adelaide – 23-25C maximum, perfect for me to be out and about tomorrow doing my gardening and joining the folks from church for the prayer meeting in the morning.

We still need more rain, and hopefully some more will come soon but for now, it’s just so nice to enjoy Spring weather – when I can wear my t-shirts and short-sleeved shirts again!

It’s still very quiet at the office with most of my workmate still out at lunch at the moment. I had my lunch at Knoodle, an Asian fastfood joint in Pulteney Street that’s mostly frequented by overseas students. Afterwards, I bought a couple of frames for the 8″x10″ photos that I took from my European trip last year.

Two and a half hours to go before the weekend is truly here!

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