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I still can’t shake the positive feeling that I had since yesterday – maybe this is what is mentioned in the Bible as  ‘the peace that transcends all understanding‘. 🙂 If in the previous years I would mope, lamenting another low-key birthday, this year seemed different.

My birthday was still lowkey – except for the cake and happy birthday at church yesterday. Today, I bought some chocolate (Bianco Cuore – bought from Chocolate World), salami, carrot and celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, crackers, dip and cheese for morning tea. It’s a custom at the Bank that the person celebrating his/her birthday has to bring in morning tea for the whole team. In the previous year, I usually bought some lemper (my workmates called them ‘Indonesian sushi’ … hehe. I had to educate them that the banana-leave wrap should not be eaten! *grin*), kroket, and some kue that I ordered from Ibu Asanah. However, Ibu Asanah recently moved back to the Hills with Pak Bob, so for this year, I had to make do with the nibbles bought at Rundle Mall.

Nevertheless, the morning tea was pretty popular – the chocolate was especially appreciated, as well as the Southcape cheese. Cat, one of the graphic designers, kindly made an A3 birthday card, and Christine, one of my staff insisted that I pinned it on the notice board in front of our pod. Karolina said that there were so many people who celebrated birthday yesterday and I joked, saying that we were products of Christmas celebration. Haha.

It was a relatively good day at work – got a letter from my boss informing me of a salary increase and a bonus for my performance in the previous financial year. Financially, the increase was pretty small – but one has to be thankful for what one has, right? Rejoice always! And again I say, REJOICE! Hehe.

Well, it’s  the end of the day now – I’m listening to an old CD of mine – Songs of Earth & Sky – a delightful CD by Bill Douglas and the Ars Nova Singers. It’s a Celtic CD that has some choral singing as well as some melancholic piano tunes. It’s soooooo peaceful. If you are looking for a CD for a quiet night, or something to sleep to, give his CDs a go.

Songs of Earth & Sky - Bill Douglas

So, there you have it, I just know it in my bone that this is going to be a great year!!!!

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