My birthday – A Postscript

BirthdayBirthdays always provide an interesting dilemma – on one side, we hate to advertise it to our friends and families, but on the other hate, we also feel miserable if nobody remembers it or doesn’t make a big deal out of it. Hehe. In previous years, I would feel down when only few people noticed it and when I celebrated yet another birthday in a lowkey manner – home alone, no special dish, no cake, no decorations, no presents. This year, it’s still the same, I spent most of the day home alone – I had Indomie for dinner whilst watching Australian Idol. I thought about making a big deal out of my 35th birthday, but then again, maybe I’ll do it for my 40th. Hehehe. So yeah, no presents, no birthday cake sitting at home. I hope you don’t think that I’m feeling miserable – strangely, I’m feeling pretty positive about it really.

The day started pretty well – I received my first greeting from my friend Sjoerd through an email all the way from Amsterdam. After that, I received a couple of text messages and a phone call from my friend Lucia who was having a holiday in Sydney.

Church was pretty good as well – Ps. Graham Taylor ministered to us. He also kindly picked me up from my house and also dropped me on the way home in the afternoon. The pastor of my church and his wife are currently away on a trip to Indonesia and Israel so I have to take care of some of the operational side of things. It’s quite a challenge, especially since we don’t have enough people to help around – so I had to deal with the Music Coordinator who forgot to bring the laptop that was needed for the overhead projector, and for my forgetting to tell the Sunday School teacher that she was supposed to teach the kids today. On top of that, I was also the Song Leader – so it was quite a nice challenge to keep everything afloat! Hehehe. All was okay at the end. Graham announced to the congregation that it was my birthday so we sang happy birthday to an embarassed me sitting at the front row of the church. Haha. They also brought a tiramisu cake for me – complete with the candles arranged to the letter ‘A’. Very sweet of them!

After church, I stayed at home – just relaxing and enjoying the day. I also received a couple of text messages from my brother Irwan and my sister Lina, as well as a phone call from my sister Juli. Tomorrow, I will have to buy some nibbles for morning tea at work, so at least I will have “two birthdays” for the price of one! Hehehe.

So there you go, my 35th birthday – and after I finish my rooibos, I will head off to bed and close the day with a smile.

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