My Journey of Rediscovery

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I made a conscious decision to be a Christian in January 1991 – although I grew up going to Sunday School with my churchgoing sisters.  It’s been 21 years since that day and I suppose some of the amazement and wonders of being adopted into God’s family have rubbed off.  It’s so easy to be enticed by other things like life’s experiences, money, and even intelligence.  During my trip to work a couple of days ago, as usual I plugged my iPhone in and played the music on shuffle.  Driving through ANZAC Highway and turning into West Terrace, my iPhone started to play one of the songs that I didn’t recognise (I have more 1,566 songs in my playlist at the moment). I was tempted to skip it but let it play anyway. The song is a story of my journey of faith as well.

“Let me rediscover You, and breathe in me Your life anew. Tell me of the God I never knew, oh let me rediscover You.”

I know what this line means very well – it’s so easy to be blasé about God, life, and our experiences. I recall a thought that I had as I travelled around Europe years ago – after seeing castles upon castles, I remember ‘telling’ myself to appreciate each castle afresh.  It’s hard to do so, especially as you start making mental comparisons: the one that I saw in Estonia is better than this, or I like that town better than this one.  I had flown thousands of miles from home so I really should appreciate every single thing very well.

It’s the same with my faith journey – I’m given a single shot of life on earth and I’d better appreciate everything afresh. I shouldn’t take God for granted. He knows me inside out, and even the capacity of my mind and intelligence as I step into my PhD journey. So the line in the song: “How can I say I know You, when what I know is still so small?” hits home. I know about His redemption, love, and grace – but at the end of the day, what I know of him is still pretty small – which is the reason why I can’t really pretend that I know everything about Him.

So, I’m embarking on my journey of rediscovery.



Let Me Rediscover YouDownhere

Your spirit hovers over my waters
Your love burns longer than the sun
The skies of thunder echo Your wonder
Your praises can’t be over-sung
The whole universe is witness
To only a part of what You’ve done

So let me rediscover You
And breathe in me Your life anew
Tell me of the God I never knew
Oh, let me rediscover You

You see my weakness, my pride, my blindness
You wield Your power through them all
Of all the mysteries, still the greatest to me
Is that You’re faithful when I fall
How can I say I know You
When what I know is still so small?

Let me rediscover You
And breathe in me Your life anew

Tell me of the God I never knew
Oh, let me rediscover You

Let me cry “holy, holy, holy”
Let me awaken to your majesty
And see a glimmer of Your glory
Let me abide in You

Let me rediscover You
And by Your grace I’ll follow through
Reveal to me the God I thought I knew

Let me rediscover you
And breathe in me Your life anew
Tell me of the God I never knew
And let me rediscover You

Oh, let me rediscover You
Tell me of the God I never knew
Jesus, let me rediscover You.


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