Weekly10 [16|09|07]

It’s my 35th birthday so here are my Weekly10 list for this week – as usual, written whilst watching Australian Idol – the Rock-themed show.




  • My 35th birthday – getting older, and hopefully wiser! A low-key birthday but at least I have a positive attitude about the day!
  • Had a good old-fashioned fun at the Royal Adelaide Show this year.
  • Have ordered the ‘props’ for my European corner – all will be revealed soon!
  • Got the lights in the living room and in the dining room fixed. Yay!
  • Rent DVD – quite faithful to the original musical and brings back a lot of memories!


  • Stating the obvious – still single at the age of 35! Any applicant? 😀
  • It would cost me about $2,700 to install a rainwater tank! WHOA!
  • Feeling a little bit uncertain at work – I have to deal with my insecurities and with the politics at work.
  • Finding slugs in the frontyard and a ransacked planter – probably thanks to a bird!
  • Dicko can be such a nasty bitter bâtard! For the readers outside Australia, Dicko is one of the judges at Australian Idol. I mean, Simon Cowell is also a mean guy but at least he’s not nasty.

Ian 'Dicko' DIckson


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