On the eve of my 35th birthday

Saturday evening – eight minutes past ten – I’m listening to my old John Barry CD called Eternal Echoes. John Barry composed most of the music of James Bond music and created some of the most memorable movie scores such as Out of Africa, Somewhere in Time, and Dances with Wolves. Today’s the last day that I’m 34, and I feel old suddenly. Yeah, I know that when I said that to my colleagues, they all rolled their eyes. It’s like – you wake up and suddenly you realise that you’re no longer a 22 year old guy – young, fresh and naïve. I have picked some qualities along the way and unfortunately dropped some as well.

It took me thirty-four years to realise that it’s really a hard slog leading a single life if you don’t lead some kinda laissez-faire bohemianesque expatriate lifestyle. I didn’t think that being single in my 30’s was a big deal when I was working in Singapore – I had friends who were free agents like me, floating around from one coffee meetings, drinks, champagne breakfasts, dinners, theatres. Now that I lead a much simpler life in Adelaide, suddenly it dawns on me that I do really need a companion.

I know that my parents and my siblings have tried so hard to convince me to get myself a wife. It’s hard to do that as you get older – you get to be more cautious and more serious. The art of small-talking and talking nonsense that you had when you were young are already stored in a far distant brain compartment. The folks who you are interested in are already taken, with kids nonetheless … so it is hard to be single thesedays. I have already some values and habits that are pretty much set and it will take an effort for me to allow somebody to change them to suit her needs as well.

So, is anybody reading there who understands my plight? Maybe somebody who likes candlelight and music, who doesn’t mind being dirty doing the gardening or walking down the beaten-track through national parks, somebody who looks great in jeans and faded shirt, and yet would look stunning in a dinner dress. Somebody with a healthy and warped sense of humour – who can be serious when she needs to be. More importantly, somebody with a good heart and a sound mind, and a faith in God who would understand my plight. Somebody who can accept my insecurities and eccentricities, as I accept hers.

Maybe it will all be revealed this year, in my 35th year …

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