Il giorno in più (One Day More)


My fourth selection from the Lavazza Italian Film Festival is Massimo Venier’s Il giorno in più (One Day More). The story is about Giacomo Pasetti(Fabio Volo), a 30-something financial consultant who has a massive problem with relationship and commitment. We’re led to believe that he has a string of regular playmates and one-night-stands and can’t even manage having a dog in the house. In one of the tram trips to work, he is intrigued by a regular commuter – Michela(Isabella Ragonese) – who he doesn’t dare approach and can only fantasise from afar. He’s forced to put a name and create a story behind Michela, when he claims that he has just found his true love on the tram. When she finally approaches Giacomo and asks him for a coffee, we’re given a hint that a real romance is about to start. The problem is, Michela is about to move to New York to chase her dream job.

Il giorno in più is written by Fabio Volo, the actor who plays Giacomo and as much as I would love to like the movie – unfortunately it leaves me quite cold. Fabio did a great job in portraying an immature, selfish and shallow Giacomo. The revelation that he does have a good heart and that he is capable to love Michela wholeheartedly seems to come out of nowhere. The story seems to hum along for most of the movie until the last quarter, when it shakes off the Woody Allen-esque approach to romance and shifts into American rom-com territory.

The actors do their best in bringing the characters to life – however, the producer should have chosen better actors for the American characters. It left me feeling awkward, as if I had just witnessed an amateur school play. Il giorno in più will still delight hardcore romantics, unfortunately it doesn’t have enough charm for me.




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