Another TV evening …


The choice for tonight’s viewing is So You Think You Can Dance – an idol-type show dedicated to various types of dancing from contemporary, hip-hop to ballroom dancing. It’s a fantastic show – very entertaining and the music certainly livens up the living room! I enjoyed the previous series so much and I’m sure that I will enjoy this year’s show as well.

Yeah, when it comes to show like Australian Idol or So You Think You Can Dance, I have to admit that I like watching them on telly! It’s a non-cerebral viewing – all you have to do is watch and enjoy the performance. Tonight’s show is a bit long because they show the 20 finalists as well as the first elimination.

My rooibos tea is infusing quite nicely in my mug at the moment – ready to be drunk before I take my evening shower. It’s getting to be some kinda evening ritual now – telly, rooibos, shower, and then sleep. It’s not a bad day today – I spent most of today at work at a teambuilding training thingie from 9.30am – 2.00pm. I quite enjoyed the sessions and the conversations – by the end of the day, however, I was really knackered. I had a dull headache as well that I needed to nurse with some panadols. I’m feeling alright now – I guess a good night sleep will bring me back to tip-top shape tomorrow.

Three more days until my 35th birthday – sheesh, I’m getting old! 🙁

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