The last day of winter (… or start the countdown!)

Today is the last day of Winter – although the days are gradually growing longer, they are still feeling wintery. The maximum temperature today was only 14.1C at 2.00pm – at least next week’s weather forecast promises a couple of days with the maximum temperature above 20C. The signs of Spring are all over Adelaide, with budding almond trees and cherry blossoms, and pesky soursobs all over the frontyards and backyards. When September appears, then the countdown to Christmas can earnestly start … I once heard that when the -ber months arrive, that’s when Christmas is just around the corner.

In my case, this September will also signify a different countdown for me – a countdown to finish one decade of my life and to start a new one. In about sixteen days, I will have my birthday – a birthday that ends with a zero. Pretty exciting and quite daunting at the same time. I will have to find the time to inventorise the things that I have achieved in the past ten years … it’s only when you stop and take stock of your life then you realise how much you have been blessed. Life is not bad after all – on the contrary, it’s one adventure-filled journey. 🙂

I’m quite keen to finish Winter and the gloomy mood that has somehow affected me in the past couple of months – time to open the windows and the doors and get more sunshine in!

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